Kunyue Wang

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Kunyue Wang Score Report
What are some pieces of advice you would give to another student preparing to take the ADAT Exam?

If you start your preparation just two or one month before the final exam, try to memorize the whole content more times rather than read it carefully for fewer times. Do not spend too much time on watching all the videos or reading a heavy textbook. After all, we are not freshmen, and we don’t have enough time to learn all the key points just like in classroom. In one month, what we can do is to find out what we have forgotten as much as we can and to keep on memorizing all the points we have missed.

How did you use Crack the ADAT to prepare for the Dental Exam Boards?

Since I ONLY have 6 weeks to prepare the exam, I didn’t have the time to watch too much video or read every flashcard. I’ve spent most of my time finishing tests in the websites and organized relevant knowledge from Wikipedia (Of course, it would be better to read textbooks rather than searching online but I left all the textbooks in my home : ) ) I wrote down all the points I missed in the test in A4 paper. Then I read and memorized every paper in the morning.

What would you do differently to prepare for the Dental Boards?

If I had extra one month to prepare the dental boards, I would spend more time on reading textbook. It turned out that I had missed some points in the exam that I had never reviewed. I feel a little bit regretful because I could do better if I had spent time reviewing my textbooks.

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